Travel Policy

Warminster Soccer Club's Travel Policy

November 21, 2015 as amended

The intent of this policy is to present guidelines for the conduct of the Coaches, Players, and all Members of the Warminster Soccer Club Travel Program.  This policy is intended to supplement all existing rules of the game as established by FIFA and EPYSA.  Where there are current or future conflicts between the rules, laws, or guidelines of this organization and its policies, the rules, laws, and/or guidelines of FIFA and EPYSA will govern. All travel teams are governed by Warminster Soccer Club, and the WSC Board has final decision-making rights for all teams.

In order to keep this policy up to date revisions can be suggested/presented by any WSC member to the VP of Travel and must be approved by a majority vote of the travel coaches and then presented to the WSC Board for approval.

Travel Coaches

·      All travel coaches are required to apply for their Head Coaching position on a yearly basis. Applications will be reviewed by the Coaching Selection Committee. This committee chair will be approved by the WSC board on yearly basis. Coaching applications will be made available mid-November and must be submitted by the end of January. The coaching selection committee will make their recommendations for each team’s Head Coach to the Board for approval during the February Board meeting. All coaching selections will be announced by the end of February. 

This application can be found on the Home Page under the Forms section.

Coaching Licensing

·      All new coaches are encouraged to be licensed at the “E” level within 2 years. WSC strongly encourages all coaches to pursue their “D” level license within 3 years of entering the program. The club has agreed to pay the cost both D and E licenses license upon completion. Payment offer by the WSC will apply.

New Travel Teams

·      Each year new travel teams will be formed at the U9 age group. The selection of the coaches for these new teams will follow the same annual application process as stated in the Travel Coaches section of this policy.



·      Recruiting between WSC Travel teams is strictly prohibited.

·      Recruiting between other neighboring soccer clubs is not permitted (per League rules), however if you are contacted by a parent from a neighboring club you may provide information about WSC and the travel team they are inquiring about.

·      Travel coaches are permitted to recruit from the Intramural program. However, at no time shall recruiting be conducted directly with a child. Recruitment will consist of the Intramural VP giving the Travel VP, the fall game schedule for each age group for player review by each coach. The VP of Travel will then distribute the schedule to the appropriate Travel coach. The Travel coaches are encouraged to attend the games and note the player(s) names or numbers (team color, age division, or name of coach will also be helpful to identify the player(s) and forward all player information to the VP of Travel. The VP of Travel and the VP of Intramural will exchange information and be redistributed back to the Travel coach. The travel coach can then contact the parents of the selected player(s) directly.

Travel Team Tryouts

·      All travel teams roster size limits will be at the discretion of the teams Head Coach.

·      Tryouts will be held and completed in the Spring, dates will vary year to year and will be published on the Club’s website by March 1st. All players trying out will be given an equal opportunity to compete for a roster spot.

·      At least (1) Independent evaluator is recommended to assist in player selection in the younger age groups up to and including U-12. It will be the responsibility of the coach to set up and schedule the evaluators for each age group during tryouts. Evaluators can be WSC board members or Coaches from other WSC travel teams.

·      There will be at a minimum (2) tryouts per team and players are strongly encouraged to attend as many tryouts as possible to increase the players’ chances of making a travel team.

·      Coaches have the discretion to add players after tryout have been completed if there is an available roster spot and as long as the no other travel policies conflict with adding the player.

·      All players trying out for a travel team must be registered with WSC prior to the tryouts.

·      The cutoff date for submission of rosters will be announced by the VP of Travel. After this cutoff date, the VP of Travel must approve any roster additions.

·      Any participant not being selected to the Travel team, who has attended all of the tryouts, must be contacted by either phone or email by the Head Coach.


“Underage Rule”

For all teams established on or before 8/1/2015, Underage players will be permitted to “play up” with the following guidelines.

     U9, U10, U11, & U-12 Age Groups:

·      Each of these travel teams are permitted up to a maximum of 40% underage players on their roster.

U-13 and up Age Groups

·      Each of these travel teams are permitted to roster an unlimited number of underage players.

For all teams established on or after 8/1/2015, Underage players will be permitted to “play up” with the following guidelines.

U9, U10, U11, U12 Age Groups

·      Each of these travel teams are permitted to roster a maximum of two (2) underage players.

U-13 and up Age Groups

·      Each of these travel teams are permitted to roster an unlimited number of underage players.

Secondary Players

A travel team may carry a secondary player(s) with the following conditions:

·      All league rules must be followed with regards to rostering a secondary player.

·      Team roster must be identified prior to the addition of a secondary player.

·      Secondary players may only be added if a roster spot exists.

·      Teams are not permitted to drop a primary player in order to add a secondary player.

·      All secondary players must be registered with WSC and pay WSC registration fees.


Travel Uniforms

·      Starting in 2012 Uniform fees are now included in the Travel Registration Fee. Coaches are responsible for making sure each player orders the correct sizes and that all players place order by the established deadline. Each travel team is required to have both Black and White uniform kits, the registration fee covers one new kit per player per year. Any extra uniforms and or accessories are at the cost of the individual team. Each team may use their own team logo, but must submit this request to the Travel VP for approval

Fund Raising

·      The Board must approve all fundraisers. Coaches must submit fundraising requests in writing to the VP of Travel. Requests must include specifics of the fundraiser (i.e., description of event, dates, place, times, etc.).

·      When advertising for team fundraisers in papers, flyers, etc., the travel team must represent that the fundraiser is strictly for their team (i.e., Warminster Wave Boy’s U12 Travel Team Bowling Party). At no time will a Travel team advertise as the Warminster Soccer Club.

Field Use

·      Field time will be coordinated through the WSC Travel coordinator (VP of Travel)

·      If a field is wet, DO NOT USE IT!!! William Tennent H.S., Parks & Recreation, and the WSC VP of Travel will determine whether a field is playable. Playing/practicing on an “unplayable” field may result in lost practice time.

·      The goal mouths (18-yard area) at Log College and Munro Park “A” “B”, “F”, and Warminster Community Park (MCP) “H” are for games only. Goals on the side of the fields are to be used for practice. Use of the goal mouths for anything other than games may result in lost practice time.


·      All official correspondence (petitions, protests, etc.) with ICSL and EPYSA must go through the VP of Travel. 

Team Evaluation

·      At the conclusion of each fall season, a parent’s Coach/Team evaluation form will be made available to parents of all Travel Players, this form will be available on the Website from mid-November to Dec 31st of the current fall season. Completed forms should be submitted to the VP of Travel. All submitted responses will be sent to the Coaches Selection Committee for review. Each Travel Coach if requested can receive a written summary of the evaluations. If the Reviewing Committee, from the evaluation forms, determines that a majority of the parents on any team desire to address a specific problem or concern, the Reviewing Committee will determine the next steps. Next steps will be determined by the type of problem or concern and will be handled in a manner that gives due consideration to all interested parties.

    This evaluation form can be found on the Home Page under the Forms section.

Grievance Committee

·      A Grievance Committee will be setup consisting of coaches within the Travel Program, as well as the VP of Travel to handle travel coaches or players who violate the articles of the WSC Policy.

·      The Grievance Committee will consist of coaches from U11, U13 & U15 Boys and Girls travel teams.

Refreshment Stand at Munro Park

·      As of the 1993 season, the Travel Program operates the refreshment stand. Any team who is not involved in the travel tournament is eligible.

Al Perlini Memorial Travel Tournament

·      The Al Perlini tournament committee will be formed on a yearly basis and consist of the (6) six head coaches for the U12, U13 & U14 age groups. Head coaches may not delegate this responsibility to another person unless given permission by the VP of Travel.

·      This yearly committee has responsible to maintain this section of the travel policy and make recommendations on a yearly basis.

·      The format for the Fall Tournament will be (6) six teams to host the annual Tournament. The age groups hosting the tournament will be the U12/U13/U14 Girls and the U12/U13/U14 Boys. “B”/ Development teams will not be eligible to participate in hosting the Tournament unless a team declines. 

·      In the event any of these teams decline, the right of first refusal goes to the age appropriate "B" / Development team. If there are no "B" / Development Teams at the age appropriate level, then the next younger aged team can accept. Example: Boys U12 teams decides not to participate, the Boys U11 team has the first right to participate.

·      The teams hosting the tournament must have at a minimum an ambulance at the Munro Park site and another ambulance on standby.

·      All trash is to be collected by the last day of the tournament and put into dumpsters in front of each site. Teams must check with Parks & WREC for details.

·      All WSC Travel team’s registration fee will be waived and will be required to supply a Field Marshal for their field of play for the day.

·      The Perlini committee will approve any and all changes to the format and rules of the tournament from the previous year and the VP of Travel must be consulted regarding any recommended changes.

·      The Perlini Committee has the responsibility to see that the event is operated in accordance with the policies set forth by the WSC and the Perlini Committee.

·      The tournament must reimburse the WSC for all costs associated with paint used for the fields.

Festival Tournaments

·      The section of the policy is under review for approval in 2013


Policy Violations

Any violation of this Policy will be considered a serious offence and the WSC Board of Directors will take appropriate disciplinary actions. All coaches are expected to follow all ICSL, EPYS, or the rules of any other league a team is playing in. WSC has a zero-tolerance policy for cheating and violated league rules. All coaches represent Warminster Soccer club on and off the soccer field. Violations are taken extremely seriously, the WSC board has the right to remove any coach who violates league rules, WSC by-laws, and travel policies.