Support the Wherrity Family!

Beloved family in crisis: Calling on the community for help!

Support the Wherrity Family!

Bob Wherrity, 62, is a longstanding resident of Warminsterand is known by many. He is a graduate of William Tennent High School as were his six children. He and his wife Dawn have been familiar faces at Warminster Soccer,countless Perlini tournaments, Pioneers football games, and William Tennent football and soccer games; and to this day they never miss a Black and White pool or gym night.

In 2016 Bob was diagnosed with prostate cancer and has been battling for his life ever since. Two years ago, the cancer mutated into small cell carcinoma and invaded multiple organs, his adrenal system, bones, and brain. He has gone through several rounds of chemo and radiationtherapies and a clinical trial. Two weeks ago, his doctors conveyed the devasting news that he has exhausted all measures of treatment. There is nothing more that can be done.

Anyone who knows Bob, knows that he is one of a kind. Generous to a fault. A loyal husband, friend, father, and grandfather Dawn and Bob have always put their family first. Catering their work schedules around as many school, practices, and sporting events as humanly possible. They both continued to keep up this pace as the cancer attacked Bob's body, stamina, and will power. Bob will now be going on to hospice. Their friends have watched Bob's health and vitality deteriorate. We can see the toll that it has taken on his wife. Now keeping him comfortable is the most any of us can hope for.

Times are tough for a lot of us right now. Tougher than they should be for the Wherrity family. Bob owned his own trucking business, but the cancer took his ability to drive long distances. The cancer treatments made him so ill that he could not work even if he wanted to, and believe it, he wanted too. Bob's lost income over the last 2 plus years has been financially devasting. His wife Dawn, who may very well be the hardest working woman anyone has ever met, has watched her hours dwindle down to almost nothing thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic. Cancer combined with the current pandemic situation, medical bills and expenses are taking everything from this family. They are going to lose their home, their father, grandfather, and husband.

This family will not ask for help and does not ask for help. But their friends are asking. If all that you can do is send prayers, then please send them by the droves. Send your kind thoughts and wishes for strength to his wife and children. But if you are able and inclined to do so please donate what you can, nothing is too small. Our hope is to show the Wherrity family how important they are not only to us but the community as well. God bless Bob Wherrity and his family.

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