George Nemec - Memorial Tribute

Memorial Tribute

George Nemec - Memorial Tribute

With heavy hearts, our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of George Nemec and all who knew him. George was a founding member of Warminster Soccer Club and we were honored to award him the Al Perlini Memorial Award in 2019. That year, Al Perlini Jr. presented George the award and shared some touching memories of his father and George working together to form WSC.


Many on the board of directors will forever remember our interaction with him at Kenney’s Madison Tavern one dreary night in November 2018. It was following a particularly difficult board meeting where a group of us sat commiserating and even contemplating if we wanted to still do it. George was there with friends, overheard us, and saw our WSC apparel, so he stopped by on his way out the door to introduce himself. We didn’t have to say much, he could tell from our mood, so he lingered and began to really change ALL our perspectives to the better. He reminded us why we do it, the importance of doing it for the kids and to stay positive through the downs with that focus in mind. For many there that evening, it was that conversation that led to their re-commitment to the board and club. A year later we were honored to have him join us at our annual tournament, one he helped run and start with Al Perlini, where we could thank him for that night’s conversation, and for all his years of involvement and support.


He was a man who could really change your perspective on things by just smiling and putting his hand on your shoulder. You knew at that point, things would be ok! While we grieve along with his family and friends, we are grateful for knowing him and will cherish his memory always. God Bless, and rest in peace.


On behalf of the Warminster Soccer Board and Club.


Jason Scanlon


Warminster Soccer Club